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NIF Services

NIF provides a range of products and services that can be integrated into your website, software tools, and databases to enhance your resource. We provide a range of web services for accessing data and vocabularies. Most of these services are REST (Representational State Transfer) based.   The format input parameters can be found in the description of individual services below and output parameters can be primitive data type or XML schema. More information about REST clients can be found here http://code.google.com/p/rest-client/. NIF offers:

  • Discovery Portal: An innovative semantically-enhanced search engine of the largest collection of neuroscience information that allows users to customize and refine their searches via NIF's terminologies.
  • Ontology Services: REST services for direct access to the NIF vocabularies with the capabilities to query for concepts and relationships.
  • NIF Web Services: REST based service to access NIF data defined by a WADL file which allows clients to automatically generate code for these services.
  • NeuroLex: (Retired, please contact support -at- neuinfo.org) A wiki for viewing and contributing to the most comprehensive neuroscience vocabulary available.
  • Drug Related Gene Database: (New Submissions Retired, data available) Facilitates discovery and use of resources relevant to drug abuse research.
  • Antibody Registry: A global registry of more than 2.4M antibodies that provides an authoritative reference to disambiguate antibody products.
  • DISCO: An information integration approach designed to facilitate increased interoperation among Internet resources.
  • NIF LinkOut Broker: An service provides links between PubMed articles and your data when you register to the Data Federation through the LinkOut Broker. To enable this feature, your data must include PubMed ids (e.g., 12345, not Bob et al, 2010).

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