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Upcoming Events - Neuronal Computation Series

Topic: The Neuroscience Gateway Portal
Date/Time: Oct 15th, 2pm EST, 11am PST
Presenter: Kenneth Yoshimoto
URL: http://connect.neuinfo.org/webinar

Science Gateways seek to provide easy access to supercomputer resources. The traditional method for individuals to gain access is to submit an allocations request, build the application in the supercomputer parallel programming environment and submit a job to the batch system. Each of these steps can be burdensome to a scientist who is not interested in learning those pieces. The Neuroscience Gateway Portal allows neuroscientists to avoid those hurdles. It provides free access to parallel versions of neuroscience simulation tools on NSF supercomputers through a web portal.


Topic: The Open Source Brain (OSB)
Date/Time: Oct 29th, 2pm EST, 11am PST
Presenter: Padraig Gleeson
URL: http://connect.neuinfo.org/webinar

Computational neuroscience has long been hampered by poor accessibility, transparency, validation and reuse of models. The Open Source Brain (OSB) initiative will address these issues. By providing models in a standardised format, OSB will allow their detailed properties and metadata to be exposed in a transparent and accessible form. OSB will also provide the software infrastructure required to collaboratively develop and critically evaluate models, ranging from single cells to detailed 3D microcircuits and brain regions. This builds on our previous work developing software applications for model construction (http://www.neuroConstruct.org) and a widely used standardised model description language (http://www.NeuroML.org). By increasing the scientific rigour of model construction, improving their robustness and transparency and lowering technological barriers, OSB will increase the power of computational approaches and make them accessible to a wider range of neuroscientists.



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