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Larson SD and Martone ME. NeuroLex.org: an online framework for neuroscience knowledge. Front. Neuroinform., 30 August 2013 | doi: 10.3389/fninf.2013.00018 [Annotate in DOMEO]

Maynard SM, Mungall CJ, Lewis SE, Imam FT, Martone ME. A knowledge based approach to matching human neurodegenerative disease and animal models. Front Neuroinform. 2013 May 14;7:7. doi: 10.3389/fninf.2013.00007 [Annotate in DOMEO]

NIF is prominately featured in Neuroinformatics [ISSN: 1539-2791 (Print) 1559-0089 (Online)]. Visit the SpringerLink interactive database Editorial View.

Imam FT, Larson SD, Bandrowski A, Grethe JS, Gupta A, Martone ME. Development and use of Ontologies Inside the Neuroscience Information Framework: A Practical Approach. Front Genet. 2012;3:111. Epub 2012 Jun 22. PMID: 22737162 [Annotate in DOMEO]

Cachat J, Bandrowski A, Grethe JS, Gupta A, Astakhov V, Imam F, Larson SD, Martone ME. A survey of the neuroscience resource landscape: perspectives from the neuroscience information framework. Int Rev Neurobiol. 2012;103:39-68. doi: 10.1016/B978-0-12-388408-4.00003-4. PMID: 23195120

Hamilton DJ, Shepherd GM, Martone ME, Ascoli GA. An ontological approach to describing neurons and their relationships. Front Neuroinform. 2012;6:15. Epub 2012 Apr 27. [Annotate In DOMEO]

Journal Articles

  1. Akil H, Martone ME, and Van Essen, DC. Challenges and Opportunities in Mining Neuroscience Data. Science 11 February 2011: 331(6018): 708-712. DOI: 10.1126/science.1199305
  2. Bandrowski AE; Cachat J; Li Y; Muller HM; Sternberg PW; Ciccarese P; Clark T; Marenco L; Wang R; Astakhov V; Grethe JS; Martone ME. A hybrid human and machine resource curation pipeline for the Neuroscience Information Framework. Database 2012.
  3. Bug WJ, Ascoli GA, Grethe JS, Gupta A, Fennema-Notestine C, Laird AR, Larson SD, Rubin D, Shepherd GM, Turner JA, Martone ME. The NIFSTD and BIRNLex Vocabularies: Building Comprehensive Ontologies for Neuroscience. Neuroinformatics. 2008 Sep;6(3):175-94. Epub 2008 Oct 31. PMID: 18975148; PMCID: PMC2743139 [PDF]
  4. Buccigrossi R, Ellisman M, Grethe J, Haselgrove C, Kennedy DN, Martone M, Preuss N, Reynolds K, Sullivan M, Turner J, Wagner K. The neuroimaging informatics tools and resources clearinghouse (NITRC). AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2008 Nov 6:1000.
  5. Cheung KH, Lim E, Samwald M, Chen H, Marenco L, Holford ME, Morse TM, Mutalik P, Shepherd GM, Miller PL. Approaches to Neuroscience Data Integration. Brief Bioinform. 2009 Jul;10(4):345-53. PMID: 19505888; PMCID: PMC2691938 [PDF]
  6. Gardner D, Akil H, Ascoli GA, Bowden DM, Bug W, Donohue DE, Goldberg DH, Grafstein B, Grethe JS, Gupta A, Halavi M, Kennedy DN, Marenco L, Martone ME, Miller PL, Müller HM, Robert A, Shepherd GM, Sternberg PW, Van Essen DC, Williams RW. The Neuroscience Information Framework: A Data and Knowledge Environment for Neuroscience. Neuroinformatics. 2008 Sep;6(3):149-60. Epub 2008 Oct 23. PMID: 18946742; PMCID: PMC2661130 [PDF]
  7. Gardner D, Goldberg DH, Grafstein B, Robert A, Gardner EP. Terminology for Neuroscience Data Discovery: Multi-tree Syntax and Investigator-Derived Semantics. Neuroinformatics. 2008 Sep;6(3):161-74. Epub 2008 Oct 29. PMID: 18958630; PMCID: PMC2663521 [PDF]
  8. Gupta A, Bug W, Marenco L, Qian X, Condit C, Rangarajan A, Müller HM, Miller PL, Sanders B, Grethe JS, Astakhov V, Shepherd G, Sternberg PW, Martone ME. Federated Access to Heterogeneous Information Resources in the Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF). Neuroinformatics. 2008 Sep;6(3):205-17. Epub 2008 Oct 29. PMID: 18958629; PMCID: PMC2689790 [PDF]
  9. Halavi M, Polavaram S, Donohue DE, Hamilton G, Hoyt J, Smith KP, Ascoli GA. NeuroMorpho.Org Implementation of Digital Neuroscience: Dense Coverage and Integration with the NIF. Neuroinformatics. 2008 Sep;6(3):241-52. Epub 2008 Oct 24. PMID: 18949582; PMCID: PMC2655120 [PDF]
  10. Marenco L, Ascoli GA, Martone ME, Shepherd GM, Miller PL. The NIF LinkOut Broker: A Web Resource to Facilitate Federated Data Integration using NCBI Identifiers. Neuroinformatics. 2008 Sep;6(3):219-27. Epub 2008 Oct 31. PMID: 18975149; PMCID: PMC2704600 [PDF]
  11. Marenco L, Li Y, Martone ME, Sternberg PW, Shepherd GM, Miller PL. Issues in the Design of a Pilot Concept-Based Query Interface for the Neuroinformatics Information Framework. Neuroinformatics. 2008 Sep;6(3):229-39. Epub 2008 Oct 25. PMID: 18953674; PMCID: PMC2664632 [PDF]
  12. Marenco L, Wang R, Shepherd GM, Miller PL. The NIF DISCO Framework: Facilitating Automated Integration of Neuroscience Content on the Web. Neuroinformatics. 2010 Jun;8(2):101-12. [PDF]
  13. Müller HM, Rangarajan A, Teal TK, Sternberg PW. Textpresso for Neuroscience: Searching the Full Text of Thousands of Neuroscience Research Papers. Neuroinformatics. 2008 Sep;6(3):195-204. Epub 2008 Oct 24. PMID: 18949581; PMCID: PMC2666735 [PDF]
  14. Ruttenberg A, Clark T, Bug W, Samwald M, Bodenreider O, Chen H, Doherty D, Forsberg K, Gao Y, Kashyap V, Kinoshita J, Luciano J, Marshall MS, Ogbuji C, Rees J, Stephens S, Wong GT, Wu E, Zaccagnini D, Hongsermeier T, Neumann E, Herman I, Cheung KH. Advancing translational research with the Semantic Web. BMC Bioinformatics. 2007 May 9;8 Suppl 3:S2. PMCID: PMC1892099 [PDF]
  15. Van Essen DV. Lost in Localization--but Found with Foci?!. Neuroimage. 2009 Oct 15;48(1):14-7. Epub 2009 May 27. PMID: 19481158 [PDF]
  16. Young L, Vismer D, McAuliffe MJ, Tu SW, Tennakoon L, Das AK, Astakhov V, Gupta A, Grethe JS and ME Martone. Ontology Driven Data Integration for Autism Research, IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems. 2009.


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